The poetry of Nazamba is part of the long tradition of great writers and singers from his hometown of Clarendon, Jamaica. Following in the footsteps of Claude McKay, Linton Kwesi Johnson and Olive Lewin, Nazamba uses his pen and his inimitable flow to plunge the listener into his sonic tales.

Each of these tracks is a story to immerse yourself in, bathed in Jamaican patois and rocked by the dub riddims of OBF. A modern-day playwright, his deep and captivating voice transports us into his everyday life in Kingston, whilst also tackling universal themes.

Militant and politically engaged, his music is a conduit to fight against misconceptions (‘Africa’, ‘Medication Tree’), oppression (‘Politricks’ feat Soom T), hatred (‘People’), violence (‘Run !’) and injustice (‘Badmind’).
Nazamba asks what it is that makes us human beings.

Drawing inspiration from certain aspects of the life of one of his heroes, Voltaire, he offers us a social panorama which confronts the arbitrary nature of enslavement of man by his own brothers.

In world that preaches immediacy, hit records, appearances and money as symbols of success, with this album Nazamba invites us to lead ourselves towards meditation, the love of one’s neighbour and respect for nature. 

We are all people! We are family! Yt

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    1. Oh Karima! Thank you So Much for listening and giving feedback! Cheers to your good day! 👍👍🔔☕️☕️

  1. Jamaica is my homeland. Nazamba is a show of reggae love. Have a reggae day America.

    1. Thank you. We love Jamaica, reggae that is why we at aoc share the island’s crowned music so much. Thank you for your comment. Have a nice weekend ahead.

  2. Somehow rap would sound better in this slower Jamaican style.

    1. Nice suggestion. 🤔

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