Teema “Sabah El Hob” “Morning Love” (Arabic Jazz)

Teema is a Moroccan-Dutch World Music/Jazz  artist living in Istanbul, Turkey.


 Teema also grew up with a strong Turkish culture presence in her upbringing. Her late step father was from Turkey and her 3 siblings are half Turkish. Her Turkish relatives are from the city Sivas,Turkey. It was a natural step for her using these 3 cultural musical elements on her debut album. The name of the Album defines the music that she recorded. A fusion of the music in the East and West.  She recorded her debut album “EastWest” in Amsterdam with musicians from the Netherlands, Bulgaria,Spain,Slovenia and Turkey.  On the album, Teema covered the famous Turkish song ‘Bulbulum Altin Kafeste”in Arabic using a famous poem by the late Palestinian-American poet “Mahmoud Darwish”. She worked together with the famous Syrian Poet Mahmoud Altaweel who is based in Turkey on the song ‘Bitishbah Istanbul”(you look like Istanbul) The world renowned Turkish clarinet musician Hüsnü Şenlendirici contributed on this song. She also covered music by the great French composer and pianist “Erik Satie” using a 500 year old Arabic poem for this song. On the album there are 6 original compositions by Teema and 3 covers. She wrote the songs in Syrian, Egyptian, Moroccan and Iraqi Arabic dialect.


Teema got in touch with Arabic music when she was 9 yrs old living in Rabat, Morocco for a year. Arabic music was always played at home. Popular music of Arabic singers such as: Um Khaltoum,Warda, Asmahan, just to name a few. Searching for her artistic identity at the beginning in her career.  At the age of 14 her mother gave her as a birthday present the album of the legendary Lebanese singer Fairuz. She fell in love with Fairuz but specially with some of her fusion compositions with Jazz.This is when Teema knew thats she doesn’t have to choose for one music style. but can combine her both backgrounds, the western music that she grew up with and her link with the Arabic music in the East. Teema enrolled at the Music School of Amsterdam. There, she was a member of the Gospel world choir and local cover bands. Learn more about teema and her music here>>

The lyrics for her song are currently unavailable. But it is a besutiful song. Enjoy.

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  1. She has a beautiful voice. The song’s melody sounds familiar to me, similar to an old classic jazz pop song from the 60s that I can’t put my finger on.

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