Dionne Warwick “I’ll Never Love This Way Again”

I’ll Never Love This Way Again” was composed by Richard Kerr (music) and Will Jennings (lyrics) and produced by Arista labelmate Barry Manilow. The hit song was… Read more “Dionne Warwick “I’ll Never Love This Way Again””


Being star struck opens every opportunity for us to gaze and relive past moments, simply by dreaming under the moonlight. If you remember and love “DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF ME,” you would inevitably appreciate every sparkling, female-music artist, etc., that propelled the song to the top of the charts.

“DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF ME” Doris Day … includes Rosemary Clooney, Joni James and Mama Cass Elliot versions + click on link below

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Love on the Brain – Rihanna (sax cover Luis Graziatto)

Italian musician Luis Graziatto with his saxophone knows how to cover song with powerful emotion. He has proven his talent and are regarded as one of the best saxophone players from new generation, whether in pop covers, or other types of music. 

Saxophonist Luis Graziatto gained fame covering famous songs with his inventive saxophone improvisations and sharing them on his YouTube Channel. may.live

Listen to Graziatto’s sax version of Bajan pop, r&b singer-songwriter, Rihanna.