Sade & Santana “Why Can’t We Live Together”….?

Why Can’t We Live Together” is a song by Timmy Thomas from the album Why Can’t We Live Together which has been covered by numerous artists.

Sade and Santana bringing together their individual exotic sounds into this song about peace, is purely magic.

Noted is: Sade (1984, on her debut album Diamond Life),

What a union it is when Sade’s soothing voice follows into the sounds of Santana’s hypnotic percussions.

18 thoughts on “Sade & Santana “Why Can’t We Live Together”….?

    1. They are both very talented with their own distinctive music styles. What an ingenious collaboration.

  1. Thank’s for share that amaizing piece of art. I am a big fan of Sade.
    I listen drinking my cup fo coffee.
    Best wishes.

    1. Love Santana..saw them live in concert every time they came to Toronto. Still a hippie, after all these years. Love Sade..all good. 🤗 Fantasia!🎆

      1. Hippie.. LOL! So good to hear when love comes through your memories of our shared songs! Have an awesome day! 💗🎼

    1. Yes they are indeed! A nice sit and listen with the perfect cup of coffee. Cheers! For A Wonderful New Year!🫖🔔🫖🔔🍮🍂🍮🍂🎼l

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