Marseille… (Le Planète Mars?) ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT 36 Hours in Marseille By SETH SHERWOOD From Left: Rue Pastoret on the edge of the popular La Plaine district; a tour boat operated by Croisières Marseille Calanques in the Vieux Port; partygoers at La Dame Noire, also in La Plaine. Credit Rebecca Marshall for The New York Times FIRST the bad […]

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Please Don’t..

Sharing this. Don’t judge people. Be kind have kind and love in your heart. Maybe they have a rough life. Never know. You just never know! It’s okay.… Please Don’t..

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“Coffee” an animated film short

featured image: The only way I could really talk about his suicide was in a poem’ When their half-brother took a fatal overdose, twins Matthew and Michael Dickman wrote a series of poems in his honour. Now, the collection is breaking taboos about suicide and inviting comparisons with America’s great poets By Alex Clark […]

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Cozy Railway-Themed Coffee Spots

FLOWER ADVERTISEMENT Anniversary Flowers Online In the U.S.A., trains date back to the old west and cowboy era, However, during these modern times, wagon trains and railway have inspired many innovations about trails and railways. We can attribute these makeovers to: time, technology and trends. Mass transportation has transitioned from horsepower, locomotion to being propelled […]

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“Heart & Soul” The Incredibles 

Artist Biography by Ron Wynn The Incredibles,  a mid-’60s Los Angeles soul group that issued a pair of singles on the Audio Artists label, neither of which made much impression. Cal Waymon, Carl Gilbert, Jean Smith, and Alda Denise Edwards were the group members. Waymon, Gilbert, and Smith met at Jefferson High School, while Edwards had been in […]

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Gee What Guy | Yvonne Carroll

Yvonne Carroll is a complete mystery to me. Actually, I didn’t know about her existence until only a few days ago! I have been trying since to find any useful information about this rare early soul singer, with little success, I must say. All I found out is that she recorded about half-a-dozen 45s for […]

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