“I’M NOT IN LOVE – 10cc”

I’M NOT IN LOVE – 10cc: 1972–76: Original line-up Undeterred by Apple’s rejection, the group decided to plug another song which had been written as a possible B-side to “Waterfall”, a Godley/Creme composition entitled “Donna”. The song was a Frank Zappa-influenced 1950s doo-wop parody, a sharp mix of commercial pop and irony with a chorus […]

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Are You Still Waking Up In PJs?

Stock How Pajamas are worn in the U.S.A. today (leisurely fashions and fictionwear) are big indicators that our sleeping habits and wakeup practices have been altered. The origin of this pant-style attire is controversial yet, traceable thoughout many world cultures and traditions. However, pajamas (pyjamas/pj’s) are one of America’s most popular sleepwear. Over a substantial […]

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