Sade & Santana “Why Can’t We Live Together”….?

Why Can’t We Live Together” is a song by Timmy Thomas from the album Why Can’t We Live Together which has been covered by numerous artists. Sade and Santana bringing… Read more “Sade & Santana “Why Can’t We Live Together”….?”


“Baby Baby All The Time”, The Superbs

The Superbs, from California, USA, were one of the best mid-60s sweet-soul groups to meld doo-wop harmonies into the sound of soul. The members were Eleanor ‘Punkin’ Green’ (lead), Walter White, Bobby Swain, Gordy Harmon and Ronny Cook.

Green possessed a soprano lead that sounded much like a male falsetto and it was an era when falsetto-led groups were regularly on the charts. After their first record in 1964 on Lew Bedell’s Dore label, ‘Storybook Of Love’, flopped, Harmon left to form the Whispers (the Whispers were the Superbs’ labelmates and were likewise outstanding in merging doo-wop with soul). The next record, ‘

Baby Baby All The Time’,with its relaxed lope, proved a success in 1964. Similar-sounding and equally appealing follow-ups were ‘Sad Sad Day’ (1964) and ‘Baby’s Gone Away’ (1965). Around this time Swain left the group to form the Entertainers Four, who also recorded for Dore.

He was replaced by Lawrence Randall. Green left in 1966 to get married and the group regrouped, but the magic was gone and by the 70s the group had broken up. Lawrence Randall formed a new Superbs group in the mid-80s to play on the southern California revival circuit. by Colin Larkin, Muze.

“Imagine” John Lennon (alto sax) feat by Fabio Marziali

“Imagine” is a song by English rock musician John Lennon from his 1971 album of the same name. Not only is Imagine a beautiful, solemn song, but it’s history holds lyrical expressions and phrases for baby boomers, that encouraged triumphs over the 1960s and 1970s social struggles, such as world peace, barriers without borders or the divisions of religion and nationality. The lyrics tell of the possibility of humanity could one day live harmoniously, unattached to material possessions.

In 1988, Imagine became the working theme for Lennon’s documentary soundtrack. In 1996, the song became part of the Beatles’ anthology. Shortly before his death, Lennon said that much of the song’s lyrics and content came from his wife, Yoko Ono, and in 2017 she received co-writing credit.The social struggles referenced in the song’s lyrics still exist, the ongoing struggles may be the reason why many musicians of the “now generations” are covering and giving tribute to Imagine, today. Fabio Marziali, a professional, multi-talented musician, shares is sax version so sweetly

. Enjoy!