About Our Blend

America On Coffee’s blog is in celebration of today’s coffee affairs, traditional times and special life shares. Good music is our theme. We are a blogging network that loves the Lord! We are ALL God’s people. Christianity is our platform!

Reminisce with us at ‘Miss Back In The Day USA: MissBackInTheDayUSA

Laugh with us at Barefeet Baristas Are Peerk’d: AND, POUR YOURSELF A CUP OF HUMOR!

Pray with us at Tower and Flights: TowerAndFlights

Fight against corruption and judicial tyrants at (AWOLL) aka: Fill-teer N Coffee: (AWOLL)

**NOTICE – America On Coffee (AOC) appreciates the sentiments that prompt blog nominations. However, any blog award participation or process would be a distraction from our blogging.


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85 thoughts on “About Our Blend

          1. Well only if your replacing the toilets after I’m done drinking the coffee lol!

            Naw I would probably have to be security and bring some of my guys to.

            You’d have absolutely no problems I money back guarantee!👌

            But the first year of my services are free.

            I just need you to tell my P, officer that I am actually getting pay stubs. Lol

          2. You are giving coffee a bad name!😱. Your problem with coffee could be the strength as well as the amount of coffee that you are drinking. You may need to go decafe or drink a mock coffee called postum. Otherwise Chris, coffee aroma therapy is also a workable therapy. Thumb up cheers for your having a peaceful weekend!💕❤️💕👍

          3. No you were not! Coffee lovers never describe coffee in such a negative way. You’re probably a tea drinker….And that’s ok! Especially if you have tea lips!

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