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America On Coffee’s blog is in celebration of today’s coffee affairs, traditional times and special life shares. Good music is our theme.

We are a blogging network that loves the Lord! We are ALL God’s people. Christianity is our platform!

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88 thoughts on “About Our Blend

      1. Dear America On Coffee,

        You are very welcome. You asked me what happened. Well, if you visit my said post to read my comment there much more carefully, then the answer is very clear.

      1. A lot of my family is there, they live the weather. Compton I heard is a wilderness… but then, so is the entire world. The west side of Compton is … near?

      2. Well now it’s getting gentrified more.

        But that will always be my 3rd home.

        1.baltimore City

        2. Prison.

        3. L.A./and Louisiana….

        Well 4… Don’t judge me! Lol

      3. Well only if your replacing the toilets after I’m done drinking the coffee lol!

        Naw I would probably have to be security and bring some of my guys to.

        You’d have absolutely no problems I money back guarantee!👌

        But the first year of my services are free.

        I just need you to tell my P, officer that I am actually getting pay stubs. Lol

      4. You are giving coffee a bad name!😱. Your problem with coffee could be the strength as well as the amount of coffee that you are drinking. You may need to go decafe or drink a mock coffee called postum. Otherwise Chris, coffee aroma therapy is also a workable therapy. Thumb up cheers for your having a peaceful weekend!💕❤️💕👍

      5. No you were not! Coffee lovers never describe coffee in such a negative way. You’re probably a tea drinker….And that’s ok! Especially if you have tea lips!

      6. When I left this message I was drinking a mug of “caf’e Due Monde” thank you every much and I like tea to…😒as far as the tea lips? Wuds that mean?