“A Blind Date When Opposites Attract”

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I had a chat with a seemingly nice female one year ago. Danah was her name. I must admit, she was charming when we chatted. I learned that she loved jazz, yoga, business meetups and belly dancing. I also learned that she loved lobsters, (“big spender am I”) so, we met for dinner at an exquisite seafood restaurant.

Danah was stunning! She was wearing a navy blue silk low-cut dress that fitted snuggly around her waistline. She was curvaceous. I love a woman with big legs in high heels and Danah put that magic into my imagination.

Now, with all my boasting on Danah’s looks, she was a peculiar young lady. I found it strange, her being my date and not engaging in any conversation with me. Instead, she ate the lobster dinner and left me to do all of the talking.

I boasted quite a bit about myself my spubliv speaking and athletic awards, but, I didn’t tell her that I had a twin. I told some jokes and tried hard to get her to open up; but she didn’t.

What could have gone wrong? We got along so well chatting online. End-of-story— we never had a second date. Why? ….because she never responded to my further contact attempts.

Well, that’s her bad luck, she missed out on a chance to hookup with a real nice guy and to know more about me, me…me-the smart Mason Dreyllis. The honor student, a genius mind and aspiring inventor. Also, I am super particular about my type of girl. Yeah, yeah, that’s the real reason why I’m pretty slow on the dating scene.

My twin Jason on the otherhand takes up dating as a favorite pastime. I tell you, he goes thru dating women fast and carelessly like an unstoppable train. And might add, he is not as smart as I am.

So, sharing my romantic hopes or dating failures with Jason would be an insult to my manhood and intelligence.

I will admit, my life is boring compared to Jason’s. When I am not at work, it’s me and my dog Baker, or. I am watching tv. And yes, I always frequent the internet, tirelessly surfing those dating sites.

One day I received a discount coupon through the postal mail from a newly opened dog grooming business, I decided to keep it because my pomeranian Baker being fuzzy, really needed grooming.

On a lazy weekend during the late morning hours, Baker and I took a stroll over to the newly opened pet grooming shop. My hope was to bond with great service and courtesy with a smile, Upon entering the shop, I found it nice, colorful and diversified with a smart inventory to aid pet owners.

After fifteen minutes of checking out the layout, I went over and stood at the counter for service, and there stood Danah right in front of me..

Our eyes met. I was shocked. “Danah” I said. Immediately she responded Blushing and smiling,
“my name is Dinah. You obviously have me mixed up with my twin sister Danah”. Of course I had great difficulty believing this. But without dispute, I said nothing. After all, Danah had told me nothing about herself.

Dinah and I were super attracted to each other. We talked talked and talked. I waited around for her to close shop. She was the dog groomer.

You would not believe this BUT before Dinah closed up, her twin sister Danah drops in and I am STARTLED because she is with my twin brother Jason. Call it unintended consequences but, with us, the love just kept blossoming. As twin couples, we are now married, with lovely children and more sets of twins.

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