“Bebu Silvetti “Spring Rain”

Juan Fernando Silvetti Adorno (27 March 1944 – 5 July 2003), professionally known as Bebu Silvetti or simply Silvetti, was an Argentine- born Mexican pianist, composer, conductor, arranger, and record producer.

In the 1970s he moved to Mexico and got the nationality. Popularly known for the 1977 instrumental disco hit, “Lluvia De Primavera” (“Spring Rain” in English), the album was produced in Spain and for the 1980 modern instrumental mariachi album. Silvetti was also a successful, Grammy-winning producer for a wide variety of Latin and international music performers.

He was the father of the actress Anna Silvetti. Silvetti also worked in the music of successful films and telenovelas in Mexico.

Released in 1975 the Single did not receive airplay and chart in the USA until January 1977 when, driven by popularity in discos, it reached #39, joining the list of 1970s one-hit wonders in the United States.

The single charted in South Africa in June 1977 at #4. The album version is longer than the original 1975 single version, which covered only the Hispavox A-side, with “Travel Check” on the B-side. In March 1977 Polydor Germany issued the album version split over 2 x 7″ sides for discotheque use as “Spring Rain Part I / Part II”.

The single has been reissued on many compilations, such as Salsoul Jam 2000, and sampled on songs including Shangri-La (Denki Groove song), and Helter Stupid. source