As (Stevie Wonder), arr. Drew Zaremba (Mambo/salsa version!!)

Image by Carl Snyder


This iconic tune is a song about joy and love, so what a better setting than that of the amazing Cuban mambo tradition!

As, by Stevie Wonder, arranged by Drew Zaremba Solos: Zach Yaholkovsky, Vaughn Faison, Rosana Eckert, Clay Pritchard (ts), Tahira Clayton Drew Zaremba Fellowship Big Band: Saxes: Drew Zaremba, Devin Eddleman, Chris Milyo, Brandon Moore, Spenser Liszt Trumpets: Andrew Bezik, Michael Campagnia, Miles Johnson, Daniel Matthews Trombones: Brian Woodbury, Carl Lundgren, Zach Marley, Chris Sharpe Rhythm: Jack Roben (g), Colin Campbell (p), Young Heo (b), John Sturino (d), Nicholas Rothouse (perc) Vocals: Gabby Byrd, Rosana Eckert, Vaughn Faison, Zach Yaholkovsky, Tahira Clayton Tracking/mixing engineer: Jake Greenberg Video editor: Caleb Karrenbrock Yt That’s right..


“As” by Stevie Wonder, as a mambo!!! This involved SO many people I love, and I’m so glad we could get them all on this!

From all the amazing singers (featuring the wonderful Tahira Clayton) to Clay Pritchard on sax, Nicholas Eugene Rothouse on percussion, and the whole stinkin band and vocal crew, this arrangement represents everything I love about jazz arranging – the chance to say


“Yes, I love this song too, but what do you think of this?!”


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