“Artistic Unfoldings For Your Mind’s Eye”



Autumnal Equinox

daylight and nighttime
in a slow dance—
tomorrow one
will lead

By: A Poet in Time

Body Art

Transform yourself into a work of art!
Body art has been around for centuries as form of art and expression. From cultural events, parades, costume events, and music festivals to even supporting sports teams, protests or advertising – there are plenty of excuses to transform the human body into a work of art.

Using airbrushing, stencils or brush-work, Blackline Studio has highly experienced artists who specialize in the creation of unique designs and body art. They can replicate almost any design or logo, or create a completely customized piece for you.

Black Line Studio uses Paasche water-based body art airbrush paints to achieve any look. Just like temporary tattoos, the paint can last up to 5 days if desired, however, the paint can also be removed as soon as you like with exfoliation. Our Carbon Peel facial is a great way to get a thorough clean and remove any excess paint on the face and in your pores.


Take a Journey Backwards Through The  “History of Tribal Tattoos” and Learn How Body Art First Began

Perhaps the most famous of all tribal tattoos are those of Otzi the Iceman. Found on the border between Austria and Italy, Otzi’s body is covered by 61 tattoos, all of them incredibly simplistic and only consisting of horizontal or vertical lines. Each line was created by tracing charcoal into small incisions, but do not be surprised by their uncomplicated mark up; though he lived over 5,000 years ago his society was a surprisingly advanced one.

A new study published in the International Journal of Paleopathology explains how not only were the herbs and plants found with Otzi of notable medical uses, all of his tattoos line up with acupuncture points. These tiny clues into life during the beginning of the Bronze Age give us an interesting viewpoint into the uses of the first tribal tattoos: they were most likely a remedy for illness or pain.

Primitive examples of tribal tattoos have been found on many mummies from various places around the globe, and dating back to various ages. The second oldest tattoos belong to the mummy of the Chinchorro Man who lived between 2563 and 1972 BCE and was found in Northern Chile. Tattoos have been found on mummies in Egypt, the oldest of these displaying a pattern of simple dots around the lower abdomen, but more recently a discovery was made of a preserved body that had more intricate designs including lotus flowers, animals, and the Wadjet Eye, also known as the Eye of Horus.

Thought to be a priestess, the woman is said to have been mummified around 1300 and 1070 BCE. Her ink is also a great clue into the ethnology behind tattooing in various communities; many archaeologists believe that these pieces, in particular, show a very ritualistic and sacred symbology behind them.  

However, perhaps the oldest mummy with tribal tattoos that are the closest to our modern day idea of tattoo designs, is the artwork on the skin of the Princess of Ukok. Believed to have died around 500 BCE in what is now southwestern Siberia, her tattoos depict mythological creatures and are extremely ornate.

Much more detailed and pigmented than the findings in past mummies, the princess is a link to the evolution of tribal tattooing and modern tattooing. Her pieces are thought to signify not only social status, but also familial ties, symbols, and philosophies.  

The same thing could be said of Polynesian tattoos.

Practiced for thousands of years, these tribal tattoos are some of the main foundations of contemporary tattooing. Like the Princess of Ukok, Polynesian designs illustrate rites of passage, wartime accomplishments, clan affiliation, geographic location, personality and philosophy. With a great deal of iconography and symbology behind it, these works of body art have survived over the years thanks to preservation and respect for culture.

Even now, many tattooists working within tribal tattooing are sure to be aware of appropriation and only practice this particular style if they are fully educated and trained within it. Large swaths of black, lines, dots, swirls, and abstract motifs and symbols have continued to inspire artists and tattoo enthusiasts around the world.


For more information on body art and body painting, contact Blackline Studio and speak to one of our artists today.

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