THE HOT SARDINES “Petite Fleur” Little Flower

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The Hot Sardines is an American jazz band formed in New York City in 2007 by artistic director, singer and writer Elizabeth Bougerol and artistic director, actor and pianist Evan Palazzo.[1] Although hailed as “the charismatic front-runners of vintage jazz,”  the Sardines paradoxically emphasize both authenticity and irreverence in their performances.

According to Palazzo, the Sardines do not treat jazz music “with kid gloves, or place it on a pedestal to preserve and adore” and instead play “as if these songs were written this morning, for today’s generation.” Over time, the Sardines have assembled a unique repertoire with “a sound and a style that are distinctly their own.”

Their distinctive style has been described by music critics as “wartime Paris by way of New Orleans” while firmly rooted in the “here and now.” Source