“LET IT BE” …..SONG by the Beatles


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Although many Beatle followers and song lovers attribute “Let it Be” to the history of the well-known British Rock group, the song’s significance can be understood by its lyrics.

The Beatles’ song “Let it Be” is personal for those that experienced the 1960s era of many changes from a generational perspective which consisted of trials, new experiences, copings of various kinds including those that led to cultural adaptions.

“Let it Be” is a song about life and the acceptance of life’s journey, choices and all that evolve from any of its occurrences. And, carriaged within the entire song is a spiritual message that beckons listeners and Beatle fans to submit through its heavenly inspiration, faithfully. No controversy here, only analytical interpretations of phrased, lyrical meanings.

23 thoughts on ““LET IT BE” …..SONG by the Beatles

    1. A song that puts the mind at ease.🙂

  1. Sorry the video isn’t working I really wanted to hear that song. But I wanted to weigh in on this discussion today. To leave something alone sometimes is the only answer. In the word it says, Be still and know that I am God. In light of our current world situations instead of people looting and shooting. They just need to be still and Let It Be. Because if God be for you then all the world can be against you but God will still win. Speaking words of wisdom Let It Be. Blessings and Peace.

    1. The video should be intact now. I understand what you are saying. Sometimes we have no other choice but to let it be. I know that God answers and does so however he wants. We need only to trust him to the essence of not knowing and being powerless.❤️❤️❤️

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