Concierge, concierge, concierge!

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(Excerpt)Concierge around the world are asked to do weird stuff all the time. All part of the job for a concierge! As long as its legal, moral and ethical a concierge will do it.

Dinner Dates

By Katharine Giovanni

About 15 years ago I was told a story by a retired hotel concierge. He was quick to assure me that this incident happened years ago in the 1970’s and is no longer practiced.Back then, this hotel concierge secretly kept two lists at his desk. The first was a list of celebrity men who liked to have dinner and companionship with women not their wife. The other list was of celebrity women who wanted the same thing. One night, a celebrity gentleman called the desk and asked the concierge to find him a dinner date. The concierge then randomly chose a name from the other list and contacted her. When she arrived at the suite, imagine her surprise when the door opened and it was her husband! Wouldn’t you like to have been a fly on the wall to hear THAT conversation?Reprint Information: You can reprint this article as long as the copyright and author biography are included. Thank you!

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Katharine is a world-renowned concierge and front desk trainer/consultant/speaker and three-time award-winning bestselling author. She is considered by many to be one of the original founders of the independent concierge industry. Her warm, friendly and approachable style inspires people to be their very best! To read more about her, please visit.

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