“Bobby Holcomb HUAHINE te Tiara’a …”

Holcomb is a French polynesian reggae,  folk artist.

Bobby was born in 1947 in Honolulu, Hawaii, from a hawaiian-portuguese mother and a native indian afro-american father. … In year 1976 Bobby arrives in Tahiti islands where he decides to settle in the island of Huahine. Early 80s he starts being known as a singer.

“HUAHINE te Tiara’a …”Bobby Holcomb. Bobby is the emblematic and quasi mythical singer-songwriter of today’s Huahine. Deceased a little the sound (hawaiian and the melancholy of the song of the words return today to the ear and in the mouth of the most of the Tahitians.)
Here are the words of this song dedicated to Huahine, the island of adoption From this artist: “Huahine te tiara’a O te mata te toerau e Huahine, hua hua Tearu E marama Pupu fati fati Huahine Maro te heva bis Huahine Huahine elancolia”.

Holcomb never signed with a major label, and his early music was mostly produced on cassettes. The albums that did make their way to compact disc are out of print, and used copies are very rare. Tahitian television made some videos of Holcomb performing his tunes in the 1980s, and some of those videos can be found on the internet, on sites such as YouTube.

 “Huahine Te Tiara’a” Song (sounds like “How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down”)??? Not sure!!


4 thoughts on ““Bobby Holcomb HUAHINE te Tiara’a …”

  1. An American sound that is so Pacific Island styled.

    1. Definitely cover song.” How many roads must a man … before they call him a man.. the answer my friend is blowin in the wind. 😓

  2. I love the islands. I look forward to visiting the Pacific Islands this Summer. You have inspired me.

    1. That sounds wonderful gig! I will have to imagine my getaway.😔🎶🎶

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