When your artsy date manipulates you onto his menu to change your style

The Courtesy of Pinterest

I met JoJo Fonsette on a chatline. He told me that he was a French artist. And, I shared my hobby as an Italian model. JoJo told me all about his palette and his collective works.

I told JoJo about a few of my photo shoots and about a time I modeled in Peru for the famous fashion photographer, Salvador Fernandez. JoJo said he was looking for a different type and face for his unique platform.

Then, we decided to meet. I was shocked when the quaint, renaissance-styled restaurant where we met, was on top of a building that looked very much like a desktop. I had to climb layers of pixels before reaching the embedded panel that clearly read Image Cafe.


Seeing JoJo for the first time, he was only an image of an artist, a flighty, flimsy looking undefined form of paper art, ready to be blown away if only I were to sneeze. And, there he was without a camera, paint brushes or palettes.

Everything that JoJo did was at the push of a button or the input of a code. I couldn’t understand why JoJo kept asking me about my gig-asz and megaz. I-I-I wasn’t understanding if he wanted to know my weight. But as for my cyber spacing? No, I was not going to give JoJo my protocol, he would have to figure that out himself!

As JoJo ushered me over to a table, I saw several waiter bots standing around the table setting up the food. Suddenly, the entire background changed into a 3-dimensional scene.

The courtesy of Pinterest


Above the table was a transitioning light. The only thing that I could think of, was that every thing was being scanned.

I was totally mimed as JoJo and I sat at a table that had servings of collaged foods. And, I didn’t take one byte because, I felt out-of-context.

My guess was, the whole concept was pre arranged, a montage of some kind. I am sure JoJo could tell that I had an etching for a cup of coffee. But, right in front of us, with the food, were painted servings of wine. Quietly I sat there steaming as he, JoJo stirred my nerves.

I am sure you readers get the picture!

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20 thoughts on “When your artsy date manipulates you onto his menu to change your style

    1. Oh you are welcome. Some writings are written to make us delve deeper into our unpronounced senses. A big thank you for reading. I know that you are busy with your Sunday Easter dinner plans. You stopping by really means a lot. Happy RENEWAL SUNDAY HUGS TO YOU. WE ALL NEED THEM. 🌼🌿🌼

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      1. Yes many of life’s secrets are regenerating in blooming colors and kinds right before our eyes. And there we are in the midst caught up in busyness, self or the world’s distractions. Spring is a story of rebirth and someday when life calms down, we will inherit the fruit of life’s full blooms. 🐣💐

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      2. There was some ambiguity in your first comment, I now understand why. Yo might understand the share differently now that the image returned.


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