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“When I’m Gone” is a song written by Smokey Robinson and a single he produced twice, one for early Motown Mary Wellsand the other for fellow Motown vocalist Brenda Holloway. Holloway’s version became a hit while Wells’ was aborted after the singer left the label in 1964.

“When I’m Gone” was produced under a beat similar to Mary Wells’ big hit, “My Guy” though this song included hand claps, and was originally recorded by Wells. In the song, the narrator asks her cheating lover what would he do if she were to leave him explaining how everybody around them thinks they’re happy in front of the public when inside the woman is suffering from the lover’s behavior calling him a “real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” character.

She also complains that though he flirts with “every girl that he sees”, he comes running back to her when they do him…

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