WILLIS | In Between

“in Between” is a new Rock song by the Band Willis that comes across quite effectively in a jam-session style. The exchange of instrumental and vocal sounds are musicians in dialogue about Summer and love. The Band’s new composition has a smooth, illusory sound that compliments any mode of relaxation.

Meet the Band Willis – Meet Their Contributing Sounds

Willis was formed by Murphy Billings (vocals and bass) and Glenn O’steen (drums). They recruited their friends Edward Armstead (guitar) and Trey Murphy (guitar), both of whom were friends from high school. Will O’steen (keyboard), Glenn’s brother, was also recruited. “He (Will) had always known and been around music and would just hang while we were just jamming so we kind of made him join

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    1. Thanks Clarice. I love them too. Maybe the Willis band will consider doing some oldie song covers. That would be a big stretch of talent.


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