“Vanessa Williams – Save The Best For Last”

“Save The Best For Last” is a 1992 single written by Phil Galdston, Wendy Waldman and Jon Lind in March 1989. It is considered Vanessa Williams’ signature song. The lyrics’ redemptive themes resonated with Williams’ story, as she had put together a successful recording career following her earlier Miss America resignation scandal. The song is a ballad about a young female admirer of a single man who stands by and watches as the object of her desires goes through years of dating, before he finally unexpectedly decides to initiate a relationship with the singer.


“Save The Best For Last” was not written specifically for Vanessa Williams. There were a number of other singers who were offered the song; they all turned it down. While recording her album The Comfort Zone, at the last minute, a song had to be replaced. Vanessa was played “Save The Best For Last”, and Vanessa said: “I can’t believe nobody wants this song. I have to have this song.”


9 thoughts on ““Vanessa Williams – Save The Best For Last”

  1. I like Vanessa. She is a talented lady. A phenomenal song that did not receive its deserved recognition.


    1. Maybe so. But I feel that she did pretty well and no doubt, if asked, many would agree.


  2. Vanessa Williams ja jag gillar henne..
    Det som är bra med din blogg är alla artister man blir påmind om som man inte sett eller tänkt på sen en lång tid tillbaka.. ha en riktigt fin fortsättning på veckan nu // Nicki

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