Fats Domino’s song has been covered by The Four Seasons (1963), John Lennon (1975), Paul McCartney (1988) and most notably, Cheap Trick (1978), among others. And, in 1955 when the song was originally recorded, his song galloped to high ratings selling a million copies.

The song gained national fame after being covered by Pat Boone. Domino’s version soon became more popular, bringing his music to the mass market a half-dozen years after his first recording, “The Fat Man“.After “Ain’t That a Shame”, mainstream artists began covering Domino’s songs. Teresa Brewer, for instance, performed Domino’s version of the folk song “Bo Weevil“.

This recording was included in the debut Fats Domino album Rock and Rollin’ with Fats Domino (1956) and next in the compilation Fats Domino Swings (12,000,000 Records) (1958). Later in 1963 the recording has been overdubbed by vocal chorus for the album Let’s Dance with Domino (1963). In 1983 Fats Domino re-recorded the song; this recording was included in his last album Alive and Kickin’ (2006) under the title “Ain’t That a Shame 2000”.