“Heart & Soul” The Incredibles 

Artist Biography by Ron Wynn

The Incredibles,  a mid-’60s Los Angeles soul group that issued a pair of singles on the Audio Artists label, neither of which made much impression. Cal Waymon, Carl Gilbert, Jean Smith, and Alda Denise Edwards were the group members. Waymon, Gilbert, and Smith met at Jefferson High School, while Edwards had been in the Vi-Dels.

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The original members of this vocal group from Los Angeles, California, USA, were lead Cal Waymon (1942, Houston, Texas, USA), Carl Gilbert (b. 1943, Toledo, Ohio, USA) and Jean Smith (b. 1945, Arkansas, USA), all graduates of Los Angeles’ Jefferson High School. Waymon, the writer and producer of the group, had a background as a folk singer, and had for a time lived in New York, where he played guitar and sang topical songs in Greenwich Village coffee-houses. On his return to Los Angeles in 1966, he formed the Incredibles, and within months had a moderate national R&B success with ‘I’ll Make It Easy (If You’ll Come On Home)’ (number 39 R&B). The group then added a fourth member, Alda Denise Erwin (b. St. Louis, Missouri, USA), and the following year achieved another moderate hit with a remake of the old standard ‘Heart And Soul’ (number 45 R&B).

The Incredibles – featuring Waymon, Erwin, and new member Don Rae Simpson, from Montreal, Canada – were still recording and touring in 1969, when their only album was released, but their career was behind them. The Incredibles boasted a smooth, relaxed sound that had an enduring power.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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