Are you using the same type of onion for all of your meals?


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We prepare dishes using onions every day but often reach for the same familiar yellow onion in the market. There’s a whole world of onion types and flavors to explore; each one can make a big difference in the flavor and intensity of a dish!

There’s a great way to cut them without crying, too! Yellow onion There’s a reason yellow onions are so popular—they are both pungent and sweet and do very well in so many cooked dishes. Yellow onions are sturdy and keep their shape well; it’s hard to go wrong with this well-balanced onion.

White onion White onions offer an intense onion flavor, yet are more tender than a yellow onion in their raw form. Diced white onion is the onion of choice in salsas because it’s easier to chew. Purple (or red) onion This milder onion is ideal in raw form, imparting a sweet earthy flavor and bright color to salads and diced over warm vegetables such as asparagus or green beans.

Cooking purple onions darkens the color and makes them even milder, which may appeal to those who prefer a lighter oniony touch. There are other members of the onion family including garlic, leeks, shallots and green onions. All onions are not created equal but they are all integral to a well-prepared dish. Surprise and delight yourself by reaching for a different kind of onion at the market this week!

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    1. There is an onion for every purpose. ???Red onions as I know are basically used for salads and other fresh, uncooked meals. But on the other side of the coin, everyone has their recipe secrets.

  1. O wow we got to know about the onion family?

    1. Glad to know Muhammad. We have to know which onion causes what kind of tears and what kind of flavor. Yep? Have a wonderful week buddy!

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