The Supremes “Nothing But Heartaches”

10 thoughts on “The Supremes “Nothing But Heartaches”

  1. This takes me back to the early sixties when I went to Stones concert in Maidstone Kent. The Supremes where the backing band that day…it was amazing. As always thank you for the. music. Janet :)X

    1. Thank you for visiting and allow AOC to take you back to those joyous and eventful times. Music had the magic then of bringing people together in one love.

      1. Creativity is at the top of my list, it keeps me sane in lieu today’s madness. Nevertheless all I have to do is to put myself into beautiful artwork like yours and I am near Heaven.💕☕️☕️

  2. What were you doing during those years, tell me?

  3. I don’t believe most remember this one.

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