“You Light Up My Life” BY DEBBY BOONE (1970s)

“You Light Up My Life” is a ballad written by Joseph Brooks, and originally recorded by Kasey Cisyk for the soundtrack to the film of the same name. The song was lip synched in the film by its lead, Didi Conn. Background Cisyk’s original soundtrack recording was released as a single to bolster sales of the soundtrack, after Debby Boone included her version on her first solo album also entitled You Light Up My Life. (Although the soundtrack was certified gold, peaking at No. 17 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, it never included Boone’s version of the song.) Cisyk’s single was credited to “Original Cast”, not to Cisyk herself, and only reached No. 80 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Brooks also released an instrumental version of the song from the soundtrack as a single, but his version failed to chart. Boone’s success resulted in Grammy nominations for Best Pop Vocal Performance Female and Record of the Year and won her the 1977 Grammy for Best New Artist and the 1977 American Music Award for Favorite Pop Single.

The song earned Brooks the 1977 Best Original Song awards Golden Globe and Academy Awards. The song ranks #7 on Billboard’s All Time Top 100.



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    1. You must applaud yourself dear lady, you light up lives every day with flavor and your kind spirit. Debby Boone’s song is a dreamy echoing in time that brings to mind many good memories for many. Debby never expected her song to go over so big, but she took the song straight to the top of the charts. You know, I sound pretty good singing this song too. 🎶👍👍🎶Have an awesome New Year ahead dear friend!☕️☕️☕️☕️❤️


  1. I like that idea – of being born for the times we live in. That’s awesome! And you are right. I used to dream of what it would have been like to live in pioneer times – man those people had to be so strong, both mentally as well as physically. Now I am happy I was born when I was! It is a terrifying thought to consider what would happen in the world if computer-based services etc. broke down… I think we would all be in for it, but we at least would not be strangers to cursive writing or math skills…I think they would cope, somehow. I mean what choice would there be? They’d be forced to, right?

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    1. Yeah if you were born in pioneering times you may have been burned and scalped by Indians. Some periods in history were truly more rough than now. Consider those eaten by lions in a colosseum or chased and eaten by the wilds in a jungle. Then again you could have been royalty or some historical figure. (-:

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      1. I would not have been scalped by Indians – my ancestry is Mi’Maq/Irish/English LOL but you make a valid point….it is thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I will give thanks for all who paved the road for us today…wishing you many blessings.

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      2. LOL ! Just making some fun. Thanksgiving in its beginnings with the New England , US settlers, surely was Christ gestured, and, pretty. much humble. I think America could use some of that humble pie today.

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