“Don’t Hang Up” | The Orlons

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Don’t Hang Up” is a 1962 hit single produced by Cameo-Parkway Records and performed by the American R&B music group The Orlons. The song is also credited under the Ariola Records label.

The song was a number-four hit on the Billboard Pop chart and reached number three on its R&B chart. One of the group’s biggest songs during their career, the song achieved notoriety again in the 1990s, when it was included in the 1993 family comedy film Dennis the Menace.

Don’t Hang Up” remains an icon of the early 1960s era of popular music.


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    1. Thanks again!☀️🎈

    1. The movie that I know of is scary. The Orlon’s song, although admonishing, is also full of fun rhythms.🎼😊

      1. You’re funny. I know some people that laugh crazily into hysterics at horror films, especially at evil dolls. Horror films are not getting any better.

      2. I will drink to that! ☕️☕️

    1. Most find Don’t Hang Up to be a fun game-changing song. Thanks for listening and commenting today. ☕️☕️😍🎼👍

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