What’s In A Thanksgiving Day Breakfast/Brunch Or Supper?  Ideas Go On …And On …And On

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AmericaOnCoffee wishes you all a safe and enjoyable thanksgiving!!

10 Lovely Thanksgiving Traditions We’re Stealing for Ourselves

We dug through reader comments over the years and pulled out 10 Thanksgiving traditions worth stealing

  1. Start the day with an indulgent, relaxing breakfast.
    While some people are firmly in the “no breakfast” camp to save room for the big meal later, we love the idea of starting the day in such a festive, delicious way! Pancakes, waffles, eggs, even pie — it’s all good.

We always go to an annual pie breakfast my mom’s friend has at her lovely home! I made a golden raisin pie with a lattice crust this year. –  krlbbit

“A little ‘treat yo self’ the morning of the big day is perfect. I usually make myself toasted croissants and scrambled eggs on Thanksgiving morning, but pumpkin pie is a really good idea. If you do a little googling around, there’s a recipe for something called a “pumpkin pie breakfast bake” that’s also a good option to scratch that pumpkin pie itch.”

“Every year a friend hosts a Dude, Where’s My Turkey? breakfast party. Everyone gathers around 9 a.m. to eat waffles and eggs and drink mimosas before caravanning to the New Orleans racetrack for the opening day races/celebration with everyone else in town. A ton of fun!”

“My family always makes a big breakfast, knowing that we are going to stuff our faces later that day — but we ‘burn it off’ by taking a hike in the woods behind our home or shivering at the high school football game!”

2. Take time for yourself before time with family.


As wonderful as Thanksgiving can be, we all know it can be exhausting and overwhelming. That’s why it’s such a good idea to deliberately take a little time for yourself during the day to make sure you enjoy the holiday on your terms.

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  1. The way I see it, any new behavior which avoids the idea of overindulgence on Thanksgiving would be a worthy new tradition. Giving away excess food to others might fit well in this new paradigm.

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