“Doctor My Eyes” 

Doctor, My Eyes” is a 1972 song written and performed by Jackson Browne and included on his debut album Jackson Browne. Featuring a combination of an upbeat piano riff coupled, somewhat ironically, with lyric about feeling world-weary, the song was a surprise hit, reaching #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in spring 1972, after debuting on the chart at #80. Browne would not see the chart’s Top 10 again until 1982’s soundtrack hit “Somebody’s Baby“, although “Running on Empty” just missed the Top 10, reaching #11. Billboard ranked “Doctor My Eyes” as the No. 92 song for 1972. In Canada, the song peaked at number four. “Doctor, My Eyes” became a concert mainstay for Browne, and was included on both his later compilation albums. A live version can be found on the 1996 Australia CD release Best of… Live, a double-set with Looking East, and the 1997 Japan 2-CD release of Best of… Live, coupled with The Next Voice You Hear: The Best of Jackson Browne.Jesse Ed Davis played the electric guitar while David Crosby and Graham Nash sang backing vocals, and Russ Kunkel played drums.




15 thoughts on “ “Doctor My Eyes” 

  1. This likely won’t make sense to others, but I lived through that time, and I just don’t associate this song with that time period! Like Todd Rundgren’s ‘I Saw the Light’. They just seem more ‘late 70’s’.

    1. Haha! I hear ya! Understood. Songs belong to our hearts and are the aural map to to our significant experiences. Thank you for your shared reflections. ☕️☕️☕️🎶

  2. Wonderful songwriter and a pretty decent human being. Have been to see him a couple of times; once when we were both young and once a couple of years ago. Fabulous the first time around and just as good the second.

    1. Yes Jackson is an amazing talent. He is a pleasure to share with many followers who enjoy his music also. Thank you very much for visiting and for your elaborate feedback! Cheers!

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