“Bob Seger – We’ve Got Tonight (The Wonder years)”

“We’ve Got Tonite” (sic) is a song written by American Bob Seger, from his 1978 album Stranger in Town. It was a hit single for Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, reaching No. 13 on the U.S. pop charts. In the UK, it reached No. 41 in 1979, later making it to No. 22 during a 1995 re-release to promote a Greatest Hits album, while in 1982 a live version from the in-concert album Nine Tonight reached No. 60.

It also played in the background of Melissa Sue Anderson’s 1979 TV film Survival of Dana, in a scene where Anderson’s character was visiting one of her new friends’ homes and was in a room with co-star Robert Carradine’s character Donny Davis, whom she was falling for.[1]


19 thoughts on ““Bob Seger – We’ve Got Tonight (The Wonder years)”

    1. I truly love Seger. He is an absolute big, strong vocal rocker. He gets me moving and groovin always.β˜•

      1. Yes I agree – great live performer too. But it’s unfortunate the overall impact of his career remains criminally underrated.

    1. Thank you Prior. I keep wondering about what does the name Prior mean with your blogging…Umm ? Did you have a Prior life? )))😯(((

      1. oh it is my last name and it is also a nickname – sometimes I have worked places where it was my handle –
        “let’s ask Prior”
        and with the last name Coffee and the middle name on – well you were meant to write about java – hahahahaha

      2. Write On!!! Actually from the start your name brought to mind a possible association with Richard Pryor (Prior). Any way you spell your name, you are a celebrity!!

      3. funny you should mention Richard – because not only is part of my youth (well a little bit ) but when I was newly married in the mid to late 90s – I would would give my name at places and Rochard would come up – and it often led to some fun smiles – like we spell our name different – and once someone asked if we were related (I said maybe distant cousins because aren’t we all connected…)
        but nowadays – very few folks know him
        and many youngens do not know the real music you share her on “America on Coffee” blog – “times be changing” hahah
        have a nice weekend dear AOC

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