“Atlanta Rhythm Section – Spooky BEST version (rare) Ronnie Hammond”

Atlanta Rhythm Section, sometimes abbreviated ARS, is an American southern rock band, formed in 1971. The band’s current lineup consists of founding members keyboardist Dean Daughtry (who is the band’s only constant member) and vocalist Rodney Justo, along with newer members, guitarists David Anderson and Steve Stone, and drummer Jim Keeling.


Classic songs

While ARS did not achieve the commercial success of Lynyrd Skynyrd or The Allman Brothers, the group had a strong following in the South and charted a consistent string of hits such as “Doraville”, “I’m Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight”, “Champagne Jam”, “So Into You”, “Imaginary Lover”, “Do It Or Die”, “Neon Nites”, and a cover version of the Classics IV 1968 hit, “Spooky”, plus fan favorites such as “Boogie Smoogie”, “Jukin'”, and “Georgia Rhythm”.

They also influenced a number of rock and country artists, notably Travis Tritt, who covered the ARS songs “Back Up Against the Wall” and “Homesick”. The group Shudder to Think covered “So Into You”.source


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