Dionne Warwick – Anyone Who Had a Heart

The album is notable for including the title track, which became Warick’s first top ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100. Also featured are three tracks which appeared on her first album, Presenting Dionne Warwick issued the year before: “Don’t Make Me Over”, ‘”This Empty Place”, and “I Cry Alone”. These three tracks are exactly identical to the versions on the previous album, and are not different takes or remixes. The album was digitally remastered and reissued on CD on November 29, 2011, by Collectables Records.


10 thoughts on “Dionne Warwick – Anyone Who Had a Heart

  1. Due to COVID I missed a lot of concerts. Dionne is on my concert list. Chau AOC!

    1. Not good. Thankfully social media covered a lot of concert downtime.

  2. Whitney adored Dionne and followed the footsteps of her aunt and her mother Thelma Houston. Have great weekend AOC.

    1. I love them all. Thank you take care.

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