“The Cars – Drive”

Drive” is a song by American rock band the Cars from their fifth studio album, Heartbeat City (1984). It was released on July 23, 1984, as the album’s third single. Written by Ric Ocasek, the track was sung by bassist Benjamin Orr.

The song is most associated with the July 1985 Live Aid event, where it was performed by Benjamin Orr during the Philadelphia event; the song was also used as the background music to a montage of clips depicting the contemporaneous Ethiopian famine during the London event, which was introduced by English musician David Bowie.



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  1. Good morning America on coffee. Nice one.

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  2. This song reminds me of a boyfriend that I worked with. He would take me home the long route so that he could talk with me and get to know me better. Thanks for the memories AOC.

    1. Oh how sweet. Thank you for sharing dear Clarice. Big hugs to you girl with amazing flavors and coffee sips!💞☀️💞☀️☕️☕️☕️☕️

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