“The Three Degrees-When I will see you again-“


“When Will I See You Again” is a song by American soul group The Three Degrees, from their third album The Three Degrees. The song was written and produced by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff.

It was one of the most successful recordings of the “Philly Soul” era. In the U.S., the song reached number one on the adult contemporary chart, number two on the pop singles chart, and number four on the R&B chart in the autumn of 1974.

In the UK, it fared even better, spending two weeks at the top of the UK Singles Chart in August 1974. The Three Degrees performed the song at Prince Charles’ 30th birthday party at Buckingham Palace in 1978.

Sheila Ferguson recalled that “the song was played to me by Kenny Gamble at the piano in 1973 and I threw a tantrum. I screamed and yelled and said I would never sing it. I thought it was ridiculously insulting to be given such a simple song and that it took no talent to sing it.


We did do it and several million copies later, I realized that he knew more than me.” The song is unique in that every sentence is a question, heightening the overall effect and emotion. In the film Kill Bill: Volume 2, Bill cites this song as his “favorite soul song of the 70s”.


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    1. The reality of love has hidden hopes. The mark is in our hearts of every loving, life experience. Thanks Mongoose for your appreciation.

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