A Blind Date and the Unexpected Police Chase. Yes…

This Ill-Fated Blind Date Escalated Into a Police Chase

It wasn’t quite a fairy-tale ending for the couple.

You really never know what you’re in for the second you agree to go for a blind date. Honestly, Tinder and the likes are no less. So, let this story be etched in your brain the next time you decide to swipe right on Tinder, or agree to a random date.

The man, later identified as Jesse Allen Elliot, 22 years old, and was riding in his car when cops pulled Elliot over for a traffic violation, reports Time.com. When asked for identification, the man-in-question provided the cops with a name and birth date–that were later reported to be fake.

So, as soon as the cops went to their car to check this guy’s identity, he pushed his date out of the vehicle and led the police to a long and winding car chase, during which, the cops reported that his driving was “erratic.”

Elliot managed to escape the cops and reportedly remains at large right now.

The cops, however, drove his date home. She was unharmed in the incident.

“I think these two are off to a bad start,” Chief Deputy Randy Christian told AL.com, “and whoever fixed her up has some explaining to do.”

According to Time.com, this was not Elliot’s first run-in with the law–he has outstanding misdemeanor warrants, and his driver’s license was suspended at the time he was pulled over.

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