Chandelier | Sia

Chandelier | Sia

In the mid-1990s, Sia started a career as a singer in the local acid jazz band Crisp.

Sia collaborated with the band and contributed vocals to their album Word and the Deal (1996) and EP Delirium (1997).

In 1997 Crisp disbanded, and Sia released her debut studio album, OnlySee, on Flavoured Records, in Australia, on 23 December. The album sold about 1,200 copies.

Unlike her later albums, OnlySee was marketed under her full name, “Sia Furler”. It was produced by Jesse Flavell.

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  1. What a beautiful voice, I had never heard of this artist before. She can really hit those high notes. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend. Big hugs, coffee ☕️ and croissants 🥐 on the way. 🤗🦋🌺🌻

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      1. I loved her voice, I don’t know why I never heard of her but I’m glad I got a chance to be introduced to her. Sending you big hugs lots of love and much coffee. Enjoy your weekend as well. ❤️🤗☕️☕️☕️🥐🥐🥐

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