Make It Summer – Niina Soleil

“‘Make it Summer’ is ultimately about escape. [And, *Singer/Songwriter Niina Soleil makes her premier.] Maybe your escape takes the form of a car, or a weekend getaway; maybe it’s a vivid daydream, or fantasy. But my song celebrates all summer escapes, the spirit of adventure, the impulse to break free from whatever holds you back. Working with Carla Dauden was an absolute dream. She was able to bring out performances and choreograph shots to make a video that perfectly captures the soul of my song: the dreamy, exhilarating feeling of freedom that summer brings.”


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2 thoughts on “Make It Summer – Niina Soleil

    1. You are welcome. The road-trip here is a dreamy one. The roadway is free. No traffic at all. I think you should rest up from the last travel fun and dream in this one. Have a happy and fulfilling day!☕️☕️🎶☕️☕️

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