Dating Suspects

Meet Ana Lou. age 22. She is lovely, eloquent and has an active fantasy to be a model. Ana Lou knows that she is extremely stunning, and this maybe the reason why she enjoys teasing wealthy men. One other shocking fact about Ana, is that she has a husband and 2 toddlers that her husband cares for when she is out on the town. Ana Lou also has a jail record and she has been locked up for many wild reasons.

Meet 19 year-old Cyndi, no children, and she is a high-school dropout. Cyndi is also a very pretty girl, but she is at a loss of herself and time. Throughout Cyndi’s life, she has been a sheltered soul. As an only child, her parents were strict with her and over protective. Cyndi rebelled and ended up being incarcerated. Cyndi and Ana Lou met while being incarcerated.

Meet Orville 35 years of age, an extremely good looking and well-dressed man. Orville owns a Fortune 500 company and he enjoys flying planes as a hobby. The down side of Orville is that he is a show off, who is always displaying his financial status.

Meet Drew, a 37 year-old, handsome, sophisticated bachelor who is also a successful businessmen who owns and operates a chain ofsupermarkets. Drew’s problem, is that he has no idea of what it means to be streetwise. Having met Ana Lou and Cyndi, he and Orville will encounter the dangers of picking up strange women in today’s angered and blurry world.


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The previous introduction is fictional but the following story is a real news report.

High-Heeled Heist: 2 Women Sought After Robbing Men They Met At A Restaurant

A man was robbed and left unconscious after he and a friend met two women at a high-end Los Angeles-area restaurant and brought them home, police say.

The two men were having dinner at a high-end restaurant when they met two women, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Eyewitness News has learned the restaurant was Cecconi’s in West Hollywood.

Eventually the two men and their new female acquaintances left the restaurant and ended up at the home of one of the men, in the 6500 block of Lindenhurst Avenue.

At the home, the women mixed drinks, which the men drank.

At one point, one of the women went outside with one of the men, while the other two stayed inside.

After some time, the woman outside went back into the home to use the restroom.

When she didn’t come back out again, the man went to look for her.

He found his friend lying unconscious inside a bedroom and the two women gone.

Also gone from the home were two very expensive wrist watches.

He called paramedics, who brought his friend to a local hospital, where he was described in serious but stable condition.

Police did not specify whether the man was knocked out by something in the drinks or some other cause.

The incident happened Oct. 28, 2019 but police released surveillance video of the two women on Friday and asked the public for help finding them.

One woman was described as 20 to 30 years old with blond hair, standing about 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 140-150 pounds.

The blonde was the woman who stayed inside the home, police said.

The second suspect, who was outside the home during part of the incident, was wearing a red wig. She stands about 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 140-150 pounds. She has tattoos of hearts and butterflies on her stomach, police say.

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