Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight (LIVE)

Eric Clapton is an in international guitarist, singer and songwriter renowned for his hits “Wonderful Tonight,” [and more] “He worked with artists like B.B. King, Roger Waters, Peter Frampton, and George Harrison — amassing billions of global streams and is the only three-time inductee to the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.” YT

[The following is the official live video for Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton from In Concert: A Benefit for the Crossroads Centre at Antigua.

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  1. My favorite is “The Shape You’re In”

    I said hold on girl don’t get too tight,
    You started early and we’ve got all night.
    You’ve got to take it easy, take it slow.
    We don’t want the whole world to know
    About the shape you’re in.

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