In May 1957, songwriter Bob Crewe saw a couple embracing through a windowshade as he passed on a train. He quickly set about turning the image into a song. Frank Slay, who owned the small Philadelphia record label XYZ with Crewe, added lyrics, and they soon had a complete song ready to record.

The story has frequently been reported that Slay heard the Rays audition for Cameo-Parkway Records, for which he worked, and immediately decided that they were the perfect group for “Silhouettes”. However, Slay and Crewe were actually already familiar with the group, as “Silhouettes” was their third single with them.

There have been several covers of “Silhouettes”, which include the Diamonds, Cliff Richards and Herman’s Hermits. We hope that you will enjoy our shared, nostalgic, original version by the Rays. Wiki