Smooth Jazz, Soothing Familiar Beats

Smooth Jazz with a side order of relaxing beautiful seashore.

🎧 00:00 Dreams Of You*

05:29 Mercy Mercy Me

09:54 In Your Love*

14:53 Sweetness*

19:51 Use Me

24:50 Sunday Drive*

30:41 Lean On Me

34:59 Who Took My Pork Pie?*

39:29 Mr. Cool*

44:26 Slip Away*

50:49 Sleeping In*

55:34 Let It Be

1:00:31 1-2-3 Dance*

1:05:09 You Are My Lady

1:10:20 Gentle Lover*

1:15:21 For The Love Of You

1:20:50 That Night*

1:26:23 Purple Rain

1:31:40 Breezin’ Easy (Head’s In A Cloud)*

1:37:09 The Red and Orange of Autumn*

1:41:47 Stay With Me

1:46:40 The Sublime Significance of Nothingness*

1:55:25 Open Your Heart*

2:00:55 Sade*

Dr. SaxLove specializes in smooth jazz, jazz music, smooth jazz instrumental, soft jazz, Motown jazz, jazz blues, jazz saxophone, and saxophone jazz. His music is optimized for relaxation, studying, dinner music, sensual moments, and any time chill out saxophone music is desired.