Wedding Bell Blues | Marilyn McCoo’s Version

Here’s Marilyn singing the Fifth Dimension hit record, Wedding Bell Blues (a cover of Laura Nyro’s original song), during an episode of Solid Gold’s 1981-82 season. Marilyn is introduced by co-host Andy Gibb. Big thanks to CutterCovina on YouTube who provided this high quality clip to me. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Wedding Bell Blues | Marilyn McCoo’s Version

  1. Yea!!! I use to love that show. The solid gold dancers were awesome. I would get up and dance with them. Have a blessed day my friend. ☕️☕️🥮🍰🧁☕️

    1. haha!👍👍👍❤️☕️☕️

  2. I love Marilyn’s voice.

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