Leo Sayer “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”

6 thoughts on “Leo Sayer “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”

      1. I wasn’t aware he was still performing. I’m certain that classic features prominently in his performance. In my humble opinion, that track is one of the greatest dance songs ever recorded in the history of popular music.

      2. You Make Feel Like Dancing, is a memorable song and it was pretty popular during the disco years. But during those same years, dance music tracks were on the rise; and, basically because of the disco craze.
        Sayer’s one-time dance hit was pretty popular but was met by a lot of competition. Consider Donna Summers, the BeeGees, John Travolta and the many bands that inspired disco dancing. 🤔

      3. Bee Gees were great, and very talented. I understand, they even had a string of hits before the disco era. You’re quite correct, the song is very memorable – puts a smile on the face every time.

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