Boz Scaggs – Lido Shuffle

Lido Shuffle” is a song written by Boz Scaggsand David Paich and introduced on the 1976 Boz Scaggs album, Silk Degrees. It was subsequently released as a single in 1977.


Scaggs recalled: “”Lido Shuffle” was a song that I’d been banging around. I…took the idea of the shuffle [from] a song that Fats Dominodid called “The Fat Man” that had a kind of driving shuffle beat that I used to play on the piano, and I just started kind of singing along with it. Then I showed it to Paich and he helped me fill it out. It ended up being “Lido Shuffle”.


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  1. Oh, thank you for this beautiful reminder. Box Scaggs songs were Summer favorites for me. Brings back good memories. Blessings 💐🌈🌸🌳🕊☕☕

    1. Glad you enjoyed! WordPress upgrades are a threat to where we are finding comments. Cheers dear Suzette for an awesome week!

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