AllMusic reviewer Zachary Curd called the song “Essentially a love song, “Turn to Stone” is orchestrated, computerized, epic rock music courtesy of Jeff Lynne.”

The song was also reviewed by Donald A. Guarisco who stated “This dynamic opener from the Out of the Blue album is a good example of Electric Light Orchestra’s skill for mixing string-laden pop hooks with driving rock and roll.”

He also stated “It also works in an array of swirling string lines that dart in and out of the mix and some dazzling falsetto harmonies that interact with Lynne’s lead vocal in call and response style”.

Ultimate Classic Rock critic Michael Gallucci rated it ELO’s 5th best song, saying that it “comes with a Godzilla-size hook that stomps over everything in its way” and that the symphony of strings on the refrains is “awesome.” wiki

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