“EDDIE MY LOVE” The Teen Queens (50s Doowop)

Eddie My Love” is a 1956 doo wop song. According to BMI and ASCAP, the song was written by Maxwell Davis (BMI), Aaron Collins, Jr. (ASCAP), and Sam Ling (BMI). Maxwell Davis played sax on the Teen Queens record.

There are a few too many “Eddie My Love” sound alikes and a blatant adaptation of “Since I Met You Baby”. (“My Heart’s Desire”); yet there are also some surprisingly good, uptempo R&B numbers, particularly “Red Top,” a cover of the 1953 single by King Pleasure and Betty Carter (which in turn had been based on a Gene Ammons instrumental). source

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    1. No! There ending was tragic. Betty passed away due to drugs, I suppose that was about 1971 and a few years prior, Rosie committed suicide.


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