“TE VAKA – TAMAHANA” Legend of Johnny Lingo

The Legend of Johnny Lingo is a 2003 film set in Polynesia and directed by Steven Ramirez. It is an extension of the 1969 short film Johnny Lingo that is based on a story by Patricia McGerr.

Orphan boy bounced around between families and getting into trouble, finally cast off and finds Johnny Lingo to take him under his wing. Eventually returns to first island to marry childhood sweetheart. Commmons


18 thoughts on ““TE VAKA – TAMAHANA” Legend of Johnny Lingo

  1. Fond memories of the first and pleased the story was expanded in the second.

    1. Hi Judy. I will have to check out the second again. Because I am so in love with the original , I didn’t give the second film a chance. Happy Friday!

    1. Here is the original and the best.You will be surprised and captivated.

      1. I hope you will watch it. 🍮🍮

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