Laura Nyro “Coffee Morning”



Smile is the sixth album by New York singer, songwriter and pianist Laura Nyro. Coffee Morning is the eleventh track on the album, and the song is noted as a demo on the album.

The album was released in early 1976, following a four-year hiatus from the music industry during which time she both married and divorced, and lived away from the spotlight. She dedicated the album to her mother.

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  1. 💕 Laura Nyro was a genius nearly smothered by the pop industry.

  2. You are there for me. America on Coffee. Thank you. ☕💝

    1. Hi Jane Parker. You are very welcome dear heart. I know that cup so well! That perfect timing is soul solidifying. Have a uplifting day and rest of the week! 🎼💗🌺💗☕️☕️🎼

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