Brook Benton – Kiddio

Kiddio, Benton’s single was the fourth time in a year that Brook Benton had topped the R&B charts. However, two of those times, he’d hit number one with duet partner, Dinah Washington.

  • Kiddio was covered by Johnny Littlejohn in 1966 under the title “Kitty O”. Johnny Littlejohn scaled back the instrumentation (no violins, or orchestral sounds) and applied an electric Blues guitar treatment to the song.
  • Kiddio was later covered in 1990 by Native American Blues artist Charlie Musselwhite in 1990 under the title “Kiddeo”. Charlie Musselwhite emphasized the modern harmonica Blues in his version.
  • In 1990, The Paladins recorded a roots-rockabilly version on their Let’s Buzz album.
  • In 1995 John Lee Hooker included a version on his Chill Out album

No one sings his song better than Benton, himself.. “Kiddio” also continued Brook Benton’s popularity on the pop charts by making it his fifth top-ten pop single. Enjoy!