Savory Scones with Bacon, Feta, and Green Onion

30 thoughts on “Savory Scones with Bacon, Feta, and Green Onion

    1. Ohhh indeed! Hopefully the recipe will come in handy for a little festivity or family treat. Cheers!

  1. Thank you for this surprising idea. Have a beautiful weekend, and if you are celebrating Happy Easter! Best wishes, Michael

    1. Thank you! Thank you so very much OIKOS! AOC is delighted to be a connected to this delicious wholesome dish. Please visit the original post for a “ howdy and thank you”. HAPPY RESURRECTION OF LIFE RENEWED TO YOU ALSO MICHAEL! 🕊🍃🕊🍃

      1. I won’t; haha ha! I use a lot of Flaxseeds… take care too that you will not over indulge with the eggs. 👍👍

      2. Lol – Me too! I am regularely eating raw carrots, sometimes with a slice of bread. ;-) After 5 p.m. its useful not to loose a common shape. ;-)

      3. You like carrots the way I like avocados. And you’re definitely in good shape munching on a back to nature original!👌😍Enjoy your weekend!

    1. And, this one is irresistible for many of us my friend! Cheers to a blessed and rejuvenating season! ❤️🎼🍂🍂🎼

    2. And these are tops Steve!👍Cheers and blessings for this honorable and retreat full weekend!💓🍮🍮

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